Application Guidance

Diverse broad spectrum microbes

Diverse Broad Spectrum of Microbes

MetaGrow microbe products can be applied by any application method: injected through irrigation systems, transplant dip, in transplant water, furrow run, sprayed on the berm, side dressed or foliar sprayed.  All MetaGrow inoculants are filtered to 100 mesh (149 micron), which is generally suitable for all application methods except some subsurface drip systems.

Application rates and frequency vary, depending on the crop, fertility program, soil and plant conditions and other considerations.  Please review the materials on our website, and seek the advice of a qualified consultant.

It's best to apply microbes when soil temperatures are above 60° F.  Microbes will successfully colonize at cooler temperatures; they just work slower. 

SGS MetaGrow microbe inoculants are also very effective when applied as foliars.  Apply to foliage when shaded temperatures are below 90° F.  Dilute with at least 4 gallons of water per gallon of inoculant.

It is essential to also apply microbe food, especially with foliar applications.  MetaGrow MFOOD helps assure successful colonization and wakes up the microbes in stasis.