MetaGrow™ CFOOD

MetaGrow CFOOD is registered in some states with the CDFA-OIM label: MetaGrow CFOOD, and in other states with the soil amendment "MetaGrow CFOOD SA" label. It is a microbe food and fertilizer designed to wake up microbes from stasis, provide them with food, habitat and UV light protection for extremely high colonization rates and sustained microbe survival. CFOOD is a complete microbe food as well as a plant fertilizer (Organic listed).  It provides all the building blocks for microbes to grow, reproduce and thrive.

CFOOD is a wettable powder, formulated to develop and sustain chitin metabolism in the soil.  It is an excellent source of calcium and humic acid.  It provides nutrients from crustacean meal powder and other organic inputs, with the grade of 1.6-0-0.9 plus 10% calcium and 8% humic acid.  It is a CDFA registered Organic Input Material.