Podcasts and Blogs

We have participated in a number of informative podcast interviews and webinars.

Benefits of Inoculating Seed, a webinar with Green Cover
David Olson discusses the benefits of seed inoculation, and the impacts of cover crop diversity and GMO crops on microbe population and diversity.
March, 2023       1 hour
Green Cover seed inoculation webinar 

How to Use MetaGenomics to Evaluate Soil Microbiology, a webinar with Biome Makers
The first section is about Biome Makers' soil biodiversity metrics.  David Olson's SGS presentation, starting at 32:10, discusses how SGS uses MetaGenomics for quality assurance, R&D and to assess efficacy in the field (at 42 minutes)
March, 2021     1 hour
Using MetaGenomics to Evaluate Microbial Diversity and Efficacy 

Microbial Inoculants for Soil Health,  with Sustainable Winegrowing Vineyard Team
David talks about  various opportunities for microbe applications in vineyards and explains the beneficial functions microbes contribute to vine vigor and grape quality.
2023         30 minutes
Interview with Vineyard Team 

SGS MetaGrow  Innovations and Insights, with Living Soil Podcast
David presents SGS principles of maximum diversity and "Directed Biology", SGS' innovative new products, and microbial roles in seed germination, seedling vigor, and more. He dives into quorum suppression and epigenetic signalling, which Dave suggests is the main pathway for plant protection, more so than direct anti-biosis.
Oct. 2023       1 hour 
SGS MetaGrow Innovations and Insights

Microbial Roles in Seed Germination, with Living Soil Podcast
David Olson discusses the benefits of seed inoculation and transplant dips with diverse beneficial microbes.
June, 2022       1 hour 
Microbial Roles in Seed Germination 

Using Sap Analysis and Microbes for Crop Success, with Living Soil Podcast
Jenny Garley of New Age Laboratories presents Sap analysis, and together with David Olson they discuss how to use Sap analysis and microbes pro-actively to avoid problems. They dive into microbial roles in plant fertility and the importance of balanced nutrition and avoiding nutrient excesses.  This approach can reduce the amount of inputs needed to produce high yields of high-quality crops.
May, 2022      1 hour
Sap Analysis and Microbes working together 

Plant Directed, Microbe Delivered Fertility, with Living Soil Podcast
David Olson of SGS presents the interdependence of plants and microbes, and the impact of synthetic inputs that interrupt that process.  He explains the paradigm of plants signalling to microbes to procure needed nutrients.
Feb. 2021     1 hour
Plant Directed, Microbe Delivered Paradigm of Plant Nutrition