MetaGrow™ Success Principles


We believe that a healthy soil community with hundreds of active microbial species enables plants to thrive.  When all plant beneficial functional niches are filled by multiple microbe species, the nutrient status of the plant and its immune system are successful in outcompeting pests and pathogens.  A well developed and balanced microbe community results in a significant reduction in production problems and a resilience that enables plants to successfully endure levels of plant stress (heat, cold, salt, drought), that would otherwise cause yield or crop quality losses.  The MetaGrow approach works with Nature to support crops.  We have demonstrated how this succeeds long-term and sustainably.

MetaGrow microbials are produced using a technique of "directed biology" where microbes are selected and trained (epigenetically activated) for specific functions. They are grown in broad spectrum communities for a self reinforcing beneficial biology with enhanced and sustained colonization success.

At SGS we believe that crops achieve their highest potential and farms achieve sustainable profitability by following these Biological Fertility Program principles:

  • When plants achieve proper biologically supported nutrition, most pest and disease problems go away;
  • Healthy plants direct healthy soil biology to actively deliver what nutrients it needs, when it needs them and in the proper proportions;
  • Broad spectrum microbe inoculants and foods re-establish healthy soil microbial diversity, population size and plant beneficial functions;
  • Balanced plant and soil nutrition is key - paying attention to peak nutrient demand by plant growth stage and avoiding nutrient antagonisms that interfere with nutrient uptake;

Our Biological Fertility Program embraces that  "You can’t make yields".  A plant has an inherent genetic yield potential that we strive to achieve. Our job as farmers is to screw that up as little as possible by making sure the plant has exactly what it needs when it needs it.  Our approach is to rebuild soil biology and fertility and let nature do what it was programmed to do for millions of years.  Farming healthy plants with less pests and disease, lower fertilizer and pesticide costs, and higher yields brings the passion and reward back to farming.

SGS MetaGrow™ products outperform other microbials

  • Shelf stable, liquid formulations
  • Stable for shipment and storage, unlike compost teas and microbe inoculant powders that have been dissolved in water.
  • Exceptional species diversity and population counts
  • Broad spectrum microbial community with hundreds to thousands more microbes per dollar than other microbe products