About Us

Sustainable Growing Solutions was founded in 2014 and produced its first broad spectrum microbial species inoculant, MetaGrow ST.  We have since developed a range of microbial inoculants with extremely high populations and broad spectrum species diversity.  We also produce a range of complementary microbial food and fertilizer blends that facilitate successful colonization, growth and sustained support of a healthy microbial community.

SGS microbial products have been used on over 70 crops – from almonds and apples to wheat and corn, throughout North America.

The company founders each have 45 years of experience using organic and sustainable inputs on our own farm and started using microbial products 40 years ago.  Gus Olson, cofounder of SGS, developed his first biological product 30 years ago.  SGS is based in Clarksburg, California in the heart of the California Central Valley.  We serve farms throughout the US through our consultant-dealers who provide MetaGrow microbials in proven integrated crop programs.