MetaGrow™ MFOOD

MetaGrow MFOOD is a wettable powder microbe food that provides maximum diversity of food sources, which helps microbes successfully colonize the soil and plant canopy. 

This organic listed microbe food and fertilizer has the grade  2.3 – 0.9 – 3.5 with 3.5% Calcium, 1.2% Sulfur and 6% Humic Acid.

MFOOD is 3 products in one.  First it wakes up the MetaGrow microbes and provides them habitat to colonize the soil and canopy efficiently.  Second it boosts native soil microbial population size and diversity by feeding them a diverse complex food which releases metabolites to benefit plant functions.  Third it is a complete organic plant fertilizer 

Use MFOOD together with microbial inoculants at the rate of 0.2 to 0.5 lbs/acre, preferably with all microbial applications - to the soil and also foliar.