MetaGrow™ ST

MetaGrow ST is a shelf-stable liquid microbe inoculant.  It is our original, highly diverse inoculant for general purpose use. It has over 20,000 species of beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa - and very high populations: 2 x 1010 cfu/ml (1 billion per drop).

MetaGrow ST restores soil microbe population size and diversity for plant beneficial functions.  

The MetaGrow production process assures there are no pathogenic microbes, while growing very high populations.  We use thermophillically composted green waste, with no manure or human food waste, then feed earthworms to further break down the compost. Our microbe culture includes species collected from a variety of habitats all over the world.  The MetaGrow process includes a highly aerobic phase, to avoid development of anaerobic microbes.  Products are also tested for human pathogens, and certified free of e.coli and salmonella.  MetaGrow microbial inoculants are compliant with the FSMA (Food Safety Management Act) and are used by many California vegetable producers.

MetaGrow ST is primarily available in California, as a CDFA registered Organic Input Material.  In other states, the 5 times concentrated version, MetaGrow 5X+ is available as an OMRI listed Organic Input Material.

For best results and successful colonization, apply together with MetaGrow MFOOD at the rate of 0.2 lbs per gallon of inoculant.