MetaGrow™ F SA

MetaGrow F is registered in some states with the CDFA-OIM label: MetaGrow F, and in other states with the soil amendment "MetaGrow F SA" label. It is a shelf-stable liquid fungal dominant microbial inoculant.  It provides a large and diverse fungal population to build higher level soil health and plant beneficial functions. Use MetaGrow F or F SA after establishing a well functioning soil microbe population with MetaGrow 5X+  and microbe food sources.

The fungal component of soil microbe populations is often the last to successfully colonize and perform their important plant beneficial functions.  We often see well farmed soils that have successfully rebuilt their soil bacterial population, diversity and function, using regenerative farming practices.
But even after 20 plus years of their program,  the essential fungal population component is often still missing.

MetaGrow F SA is the perfect product to complete the Regenerative Farming soil restoration process - either when applied during planting, side-dressed or as a liquid seed treatment.

MetaGrow F SA microbes are grown at our plant from a microbe culture that is completely different from (and complementary to) our other vermiculture based products.  The microbes come from a higher trophic level source than earthworms, which is naturally fungal-dominant and supports other higher trophic levels of soil life such as beneficial nematodes and arthropods.